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Welcome to the future of creative content licensing Use metrics to discover where your book gets noticed, what navigate over here blog posts and articles win audience response, and what content gets no interest at all

How BitRights Works

We streamline digital content management for creative enterprises, photographers, musicians, videographers, journalists, graphic designers, stock traders and more. Sign up to create your online content portfolio in minutes. License and sell your digital assets according to your own terms, conditions, and pricing.

See a sample Digital Content Library.

Upload Your Content

Establish public, time-stamped, and secure records of your content’s licensing and ownership information using the blockchain.  



License Your Content

Build customizable licenses and approval workflows using our web interface. Create digital scarcity by defining the number of copies you would like to sell.

Collect Payment

Promote your work with a professional portfolio page. Link your bank account information to enable fast, automatic monetization for your creative works.

Enable Transparent Verification

Allow public verification of your contents’ history, creating an unprecedented level of legitimacy for your digital work, while choosing what information to keep private.

BitRights  Demo

Check out how BitRights works in the video.

Why Choose BitRights?

Professionally Display Your Work

Promote your content with a personal portfolio in under 10 minutes.

License Seamlessly

Customize your own licenses to grant personalized terms and conditions to buyers.

Monetize Effortlessly

Sell your work directly from the BitRights platform. You can set up Bitcoin payment apps for easy transactions. Check this immediate profit bewertung having information about the automated trading app that makes the job easy.

Identify Trends

Gain granular insight into your contents’ licensing data with our analytics engine.

Define Payment Flow

Automatically direct payment to multiple parties based on customizable revenue splits.

Preserve Data Integrity

Permanently memorialize your ownership and licensing data with blockchain technology.

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