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Welcome to the Future of Digital Media and Content Licensing

Bitrights offers a seamless content management experience by combining
the speed of the web with the security of the blockchain.

Secure Records

Give your ownership and licensing records a unique digital fingerprint that is transparently memorialized on the public blockchain, ensuring permanent data integrity for your content.

Seamless Licensing

Monetize any digital file using BitRights' easy-to-use online platform, simplifying lengthy licensing processes and reducing administrative friction.

Real-time History

Transparently track ownership, licenses, file modifications and derivative works as your content moves around the internet in real-time.

How does it work?

We streamline digital content management for enterprises, creators, journalists, lawyers, talent managers, influencers, and more.

Register Creative Content

Establish public, time-stamped, and secure records of your content's licensing and ownership information using the blockchain.

License Content

Build customizable licenses and approval workflows using our web interface. Create digital scarcity by defining the number of copies you would like to sell.

Collect Payment

Link your bank account information to enable fast, automatic monetization for your creative works.

Enable Transparent Verification

Allow public verification of your content's history, creating an unprecedented level of legitimacy for your digital work, while choosing what information to keep private.

img One of the hardest parts of filming my movie was getting approval to use the songs I chose to integrate – it took more than 4 weeks. – Filmmaker and Video Producer
img I spend so many hours tracking down people to get approval for licensing songs on behalf of my clients – sometimes the difficulty of doing so actually prevents that song from being licensed. – Media and Entertainment Lawyer
img I have no way to unconditionally prove to my customers that their video will be attributable to them once someone purchases it from my platform. – CEO of Freelance News Video Curation Platform

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